Can You Throw a Copier in Your Dumpster Rental?

Can You Throw a Copier in Your Dumpster Rental?

Product When you are renovating your office, you may need to dispose of old or outdated technology. A dumpster rental will ensure that you have plenty of space to get rid of aging copiers, fax machines, and more. When you schedule a garbage dumpster rental , it is important to do your research before you toss your old technology in the trash. Certain items, such as copiers, may contain toxic materials that can cause serious harm if they end up in the landfill. To help you prepare for your dumpster rental in Lakewood, here is a look at some factors to consider before you throw your copier in the dumpster.

State Laws

Before you throw your copier in the dumpster , it is important to look up state laws regarding the disposal of old electronics. Some states have outlawed the improper disposal of electronic items, such as copiers and computers. While dumpster rentals offer convenient places to get rid of old copiers, your state may have outlawed this method of disposing of electronic waste.

Recycling Options

When you are considering tossing out your old copier, you may want to look into the recycling options that are available to you. Many cities have recycling centers that have been specifically designed for electronic waste disposal. By bringing your copier to the recycling center, you can ensure that your old copier is safely dismantled. After the copier has been taken apart at the recycling facility, its usable parts will be transformed into brand new items.

Charitable Donations

If your copier is still in working condition, you may want to think twice before you throw it in the trash. You may be able to donate your working copier to the charity of your choice. By donating your copier, rather than throwing it away, you can feel great knowing that it is being used by an organization or company that is in need.